In 2017 one of Bogense landmarks, the mermaid Elle, turns 20 years old. In 1997 she was donated Nordfyns Bank to Bogense. The two and a half meter high bronze statue has been relocated few times since then. She resides on the pier to the old port and offers sailors a welcome to Bogense, also known as City of the Mermaids. 
Under each of Elle´s forearms are two small dolphins of marble, each weighing 30 kg. The little dolphins act as a kind of armrest, which is almost a picture of how they carry her through the ocean waves.
Just when the mermaid Elle came to town, it caused a stir. Nobody thought she was particularly charming or a nice piece of art, but it seems that Bogense´s citizens now have become accustomed to her. It may well be that she is an ugly mermaid, but she is our ugly mermaid.