Full-blown jazz

Come experience the cozy atmosphere when there is full-blown jazz on the dock in Bogense´s old port on the Eastern Mole
Following days with jazz in 2017:
Saturday June 10th       2pm-5pm   /   "The port´s day" Lagermanns Jazzkonfekt
Saturday July 1st           2pm-5pm   /   Finnys Jazz Band
Saturday July 8th           2pm-5pm   /   Dixieland Jubilees
Saturday July 15th        2pm-5pm   /   Riverside Jazz Band
Saturday July 22nd       2pm-5pm   /    The Spirit Of New Orleans
Friday      July 28th        8pm-11pm /    "By night" Silver Moon Jazz Band
Saturday July 29th        2pm-5pm   /     Surburban Jazz Band
Saturday August 5th     2pm-5pm   /     Neanders Jazz Band