Travel-journalist Anne-Vibeke Isaksen on Funen

Nature is accessible
It can be difficult to describe what it is that makes Funen so impressive. But once you have been there, it is no problem. Everyone knows what you are talking about.

Experiences in the nature are always important to us when we travel. Those experiences are not to be mistaken. On Funen, nature is incredibly varied. The coast with its beautiful beaches is something special. The forests and the hilly landscape is quite different, but both forest and beach are located side by side. Nature is easily accessible. 

I am very impressed with the bike- and hiking trail system throughout. It is easy to find your way, and that makes it accessible to all. There are no high mountains or large rivers, but there is beautiful nature, which is easy and inviting to embark on.

Funen kitchen
Travelling is living. The allegation was born on Funen, and H.C. Andersen could not be more right.
But to travel and live is also to eat, and to eat and taste the local specialties belong in my opinion, with the holiday. One should always taste the local specialties, regardless of how it appeals to one.
On Funen, it is a pure pleasure. And if one is not satisfied at your holiday to Funen, then it is your own fault. Leave your diet at home when you go to Funen. It will have to wait. Just eat and enjoy.

Anne-Vibeke Isaksen, 

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