Quality and comfort

950m2 modern and beautifully decorated rooms are at your disposal when visiting Bogense Strand Camping.
Our service buildings - kitchens, showers and toilets - are all kept in the same architectonic and exotic style that feels appealing and makes guests want to take use of the buildings and feel at ease thereby.
We know that it feels the most relaxing, when everything is neat, clean and in order and we take great care that all buildings appear just as such. Both inside and outside we take great care to scrub and polish so you do not have to think about that, but just enjoy your vacation, for which we like to provide the surroundings.
Here is something for everyone - bathrooms for the youngest, large toilet facilities and bathroom/toilet in one closed room, for those who want just that.
In every room there are beautiful tiles, mirrors and lighting that emphasizes the luxury we try to make you feel when using the facilities.
Outside the buildings, we seek to have pots with seasonal flowers, so the outdoor and indoor go together in terms of the feeling of comfort and well-being.