Room for joy and gatherings

This room has been used for many wonderful parties - even a wedding!
It is possible to reserve a table or two, so all cousins and the rest of the clan can meet and make a get-together, which is so nice and always hits home when it is held at a campsite where everyone has the opportunity to show up and spend a day or two.
Connected to the room is a small kitchenette and fridge, so you have the option of always having the most necessary at hand when you are having fun in the parlor.
In addition to tables and chairs and room for about 25 people, a TV room with soft leather sofas is located, so here you can always find refuge, if the weather does not allow for much outdoor activity or one´s better half did not bother to watch Eastenders ...
Whether you are to have a party or just want to go over for a little relaxation, the room - which we call Selskabslokalet - is always available.
Via the reception it is free to book a table in Selskabsokalet and you youself are to put a note on the table, you have booked.