Water park

Welcome to some enjoyable hours in the water.

Dive into Bogenses funniest water park where you will find something for both adults and children. The temperature is always 29 degrees Celsius, so whether it rains, snows or the sun is shining, it is always nice to spend time at the swimming hall. 


The water park has two basins, both of which are divided into two sections. In the big basin is a section for those who swim for exercise, while at the other side you will find floating toys, a rope from the ceiling and a spring board. The depth is at the lowest end 1.3m, while at the deepest point is 3.3M.


If you take the winding waterslide to the swimming hall’s ground floor, you end up in the warm pool which, at one end is measuring 0,6m and the other 1.2m. Here parents can enjoy a fun time with their children - from infancy to slightly older - and water gymnastics for seniors also take place here. Whether young, old or in-between, you are always welcome in the water park that really has something to offer!