The funniest playgrounds

On Bogense Strand Camping there are play areas for all ages since we have three different playgrounds and a football field.

The biggest playground has a slide, climbing tower, small moon cars and associated racetrack, bouncy castle and more.
The playground is located in a giant sandbox, so if the kids are not fond of wild play, but just want to sit quietly and make castles of sand that is also possible.
The bouncy castle on the large playground is every year a huge hit: kids run away from home in the morning, hopping all morning (and may come home to eat lunch) continues playing in the afternoon and it is not a rare sighting to see parents running around after the happy and playful toddlers to get them home in the wagon again before sunset. The kids have a party in the playground and parents know where they are. The only problem is sometimes just to get the little mischiefs convinced that the sun surely will rise again the next morning.
On the Tarzan-playground there is a cable way, bouncy castle and various playground equipment, providing ample opportunity to try their hand at rock climbing, monkey bars and a little wilder play. Here, the slightly older children, children with a teen´s vanity, can go and spend a few hours without embarrassment - even if they with their own words may have grown too old for some childish nonsense like playing in a playground ...
The playground for the smallest is also the smallest playground. Here is a cozy seesaw, sandbox and a small slide where you land safely in the arms of mom or dad when you are out playing.
Behind the water park is a sports field where we often organize football matches or other games for those interested. Many young campers are excited for a game with our soccer-happy young workers who can really challenge even the coolest soccer kids.