Two indoor kitchens and an outdoor kitchen stand at your disposal


The campsite’s indoor kitchens contain plenty of opportunities for cozy activities in nice frames. Here food is prepared and consumed - hot water and use of ovens, hobs and dishwashers can be used for free. Here are several public grills, ovens, sinks and plenty of room.
Both kitchens are furnished with quality furniture, good ovens and other equipment. 
-An ordinary day? Eat breakfast, dinner and/or supper in the kitchen and observe it all from one of the campsite’s heart points.
-A small dinner party? You can reserve a table with a view over the campsite.
-A rainy day? Come over and watch a movie or a football game on the TV.
-Are the kids bored during the cooking? Let them sit at the dining table and draw a picture in the kitchen while the chicken soup is boiling.
-Fancy Sunday dinner? Let the kids set the table with nice napkins and candles while mom and dad are preparing a dinner for champions.
-Boring Sunday? Come to the kitchen and play a game of cards with the neighbor.
 Here you will easily meet other campers and many good friendships has started that way.
The kitchen is open around the clock, so whether you are in for an evening snack or bacon early in the morning before everyone else wakes up, it can be done. The kitchen provides the right atmosphere for both quiet weekdays and cozy gatherings.
The roofed outdoor kitchen has ovens, hob and fridge and also a nice barbecue area so you can have a barbecue in the evening sun without rendering too far with the dishes afterwards.
You do not have be a pure outdoor-Davy Crockett type to use the outdoor kitchen, since, as all other facilities on the site, contains modern and proper facilities.